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LYLKD Sale Little Girls Unicorn Outfit Max 74% OFF Tutu Dress Ski Layered Rainbow

LYLKD Little Girls Unicorn Outfit Dress,Layered Rainbow Tutu Ski


LYLKD Little Girls Unicorn Outfit Dress,Layered Rainbow Tutu Ski

Product description

Colorful Unicorn Outfit for girls avaliable at LYLKD Store!

Matching Unicorn Horn Headband carefully selected for you!


*Tutus made by different colored high quality tulle,T-shirt made by high quality cotton.

*Elastic T-shirt and belt which can fit kids at different age.

*The Headband fits girl over 2 year old.

*Suitable for different occasions,great gift for your little girl.

*Many beautiful, exciting colors available to choose!


Size M: Age 2-4 Years TUTU(Length 9.7" Adjustable Waist 9.3" - 16.4"),T-shirt(Bust 12.2" x2, Length 17.8" )

Size L: Age 5-7 Years TUTU(Length 11.2" Adjustable Waist 10" - 19.2"),T-shirt(Bust 15.4" x2, Length 20.5" )


*We suggest hand wash and air dry.

*Please allow a bit measurement diffence.(0.5")

*If your girl slightly fat or thinnish than the same age pls plus or minus one size.

*Any other questions pls feel free contact us,Enjoy your shopping!

LYLKD Little Girls Unicorn Outfit Dress,Layered Rainbow Tutu Ski

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