$133 Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Port Compatible with Alexa, Secur Electronics Security Surveillance $133 Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Port Compatible with Alexa, Secur Electronics Security Surveillance Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Secur Alexa Compatible with low-pricing Port Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Secur Alexa Compatible with low-pricing Port 16CH,4K,Secur,Alexa,,NVR,/amphicyrtous384378.html,with,Compatible,1GB,8MP,Microseven,$133,lakewinnipegimages.com,Electronics , Security Surveillance,Port 16CH,4K,Secur,Alexa,,NVR,/amphicyrtous384378.html,with,Compatible,1GB,8MP,Microseven,$133,lakewinnipegimages.com,Electronics , Security Surveillance,Port

Microseven 4K NVR Popular popular 8MP 16CH 1GB Secur Alexa Compatible with low-pricing Port

Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Port Compatible with Alexa, Secur


Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Port Compatible with Alexa, Secur

Product Description


  • Microseven 16 Channel,1GB Port, 4K NVR Supports Hard Drives Up to 8TB and Features 16-Channel NVR Supports Up to 4K/6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP resolution real-time preview amp; playback, 1920P/1440P/1536P/1080p @ 30fps Realtime each CH
  • Supports Microseven IP Cameras and also provides support for third-party brand ONVIF compliant IP Cameras. intelligent search, playback, and backup functions provide enhanced ease of use and security (for example, motion detection event and exact search functions that are accurate to one second)
  • Plug amp; Play setup, Easy to configure, access and control. Scan QR Code on NVR from free App to instantly access live viewing and playback from your iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, iPad, and Tablets. Connects to and manages all cameras on your network directly through their ethernet cables for ultimate ease and convenience in a home security system.
  • M7 Video Coding - Maximize storage space and reduce file sizes by nearly 50% without sacrificing on video quality. Bandwidth Max.120 Mbps enables you to watch things happen as they happen: real-time, highly reliable HD video without loss or delay. Conveniently packaged with extras such as USB mouse, network cable, and quick start guide with user manual and CD
  • Includes USB backup feature for peace of mind. All systems CE amp; FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies.

Microseven 4K NVR 8MP 16CH 1GB Port Compatible with Alexa, Secur

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