Wars:,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Calrissian,/accersition822877.html,Ally,lakewinnipegimages.com,Imperial,Lando,-,Assault,Star,$7 Star Wars: shopping Imperial Assault - Calrissian Ally Lando Wars:,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Calrissian,/accersition822877.html,Ally,lakewinnipegimages.com,Imperial,Lando,-,Assault,Star,$7 Star Wars: shopping Imperial Assault - Calrissian Ally Lando $7 Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Lando Calrissian Ally Toys Games Games Accessories $7 Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Lando Calrissian Ally Toys Games Games Accessories

Star Wars: shopping Ranking integrated 1st place Imperial Assault - Calrissian Ally Lando

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Lando Calrissian Ally


Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Lando Calrissian Ally

Product description

Style:Lando Calrissian Ally Pack: Star Wars Imperial Assault

"As Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian has significant political influence on Bespin. Fortunately, Lando is still a scoundrel at heart, and he now uses his considerable influence to aid Rebel operatives in their shadow war against the Imperial Security Bureau. The Lando Calrissian Ally Pack adds new materials to all of your campaigns and skirmish games with new Command cards, additional Deployment cards, a new Reward card, and brand-new missions for both campaign and skirmish games. No need to trust Lady Luck when you can always cheat the odds! This figure pack includes a sculpted plastic figure of Lando Calrissian that you can use to replace the token included in The Bespin Gambit. ".

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Lando Calrissian Ally

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