$12 Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl, 164 Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Low price Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Girl Box Trinket 164 Ceramic lakewinnipegimages.com,164,Loves,Jesus,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,Girl,,/accersition822777.html,Me,,Box,,$12,Moments,,Trinket,Ceramic,Precious Low price Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Girl Box Trinket 164 Ceramic lakewinnipegimages.com,164,Loves,Jesus,Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,Girl,,/accersition822777.html,Me,,Box,,$12,Moments,,Trinket,Ceramic,Precious $12 Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl, 164 Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys

Low price Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Girl Box Trinket 164 Ceramic In a popularity

Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl, 164


Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl, 164

Product description

Style Name:Girl Box

From rosaries and religious medals to earrings and hospital bracelets, a baby girl's tiny treasures are sweetly kept within this classic covered box. An inspirational accent for her nursery, it makes a gift she is sure to treasure long after childhood. Give as a thoughtful baby gift or religious gift for any of a precious little girl's special early occasions amp;ndash; birthdays, first holidays, baptisms and more. Crafted of ceramic and carefully hand painted. Approximately 1.5 inches high

From the manufacturer

Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Ceramic Piggy Bank, Boy, Blue

Express every bit of heavenly love you have for your new baby with this adorable piggy bank accented with little blue hearts! This bank will help to remind your baby that Jesus loves them in every way and is perfect for their growing savings! Crafted of ceramic and carefully hand painted, includes a rubber stopper. Approximately 6.75H x 7.75W x 6.75D inches.

Ceramic Piggy Bank, Boy

Ceramic Trinket Box, Boy

Ceramic Cross, Boy

Ceramic Photo Frame, Boy

Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Ceramic Piggy Bank, Girl, Pink

Express every bit of heavenly love you have for your new baby with this adorable piggy bank accented with little blue hearts! This bank will help to remind your baby that Jesus loves them in every way and is perfect for their growing savings! Crafted of ceramic and carefully hand painted, includes a rubber stopper. Approximately 6.75H x 7.75W x 6.75D inches.

Ceramic Piggy Bank, Girl

Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl

Ceramic Cross, Girl

Ceramic Photo Frame, Girl

Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Ceramic Trinket Box, Girl, 164

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