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RoseArt Creative Café Barista Bar


RoseArt Creative Café Barista Bar

Product description

With the Creative Cafe Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Create endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top. It's super easy with this professional style machine -  just put in the powder, mix with milk, turn on the frother and you're making drinks like a professional barista! It's like a real milk steamer without the heat – kid safe! Top it off with your own latte art. Choose from the stencils and create lots of patterns. You can even expand your menu with tips and tricks from the recipe cards. Includes Frothing Unit, Frothing Pitcher, 3 stencils, 2 shaker bottles, 2 spoons, 4 paper cups, chocolate and strawberry flavor mixes and 4 recipe and tip cards.  Features:  Be your own barista with the Creative Cafe Barista Bar Make and decorate a real coffee-free latte Kids safe – no heat! Froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design! Comes with strawberry and chocolate flavor packets Includes flavor recipe cards to get you started For ages 6+

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RoseArt Creative Café Barista Bar

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