POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker 6+ 2-Pack - Hour El Paso Mall $67 POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker (2-Pack) - 6+ Hour Electronics Portable Audio Video $67 POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker (2-Pack) - 6+ Hour Electronics Portable Audio Video Collapsible,MO,Speaker,$67,-,lakewinnipegimages.com,/Brunelliaceae413318.html,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Bluetooth,(2-Pack),6+,Magnetic,POW,Hour Collapsible,MO,Speaker,$67,-,lakewinnipegimages.com,/Brunelliaceae413318.html,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Bluetooth,(2-Pack),6+,Magnetic,POW,Hour POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker 6+ 2-Pack - Hour El Paso Mall

POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker 6+ 2-Pack - Hour El Paso Mall 100% quality warranty!

POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker (2-Pack) - 6+ Hour


POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker (2-Pack) - 6+ Hour

Product Description

We felt it was time wireless speakers finally stepped it up. It seemed when portability goes up, quality goes down. Not cool. We wanted big audio power that we can bust out anytime and drop back into our pocket—stay mobile without the power loss. Introducing POW Mo, our first expandable speaker pumping our patented WaveBloom audio expansion technology. Welcome to the POW Audio revolution.

WAVEBLOOM | Audio Expansion Technology

Pop Goes Boom. WaveBloom, Audio Expansion Technology. Expandable, Collapsible.

Big sound doesn’t have to come from big boxes anymore. WaveBloom revolutionizes everything about portable audio without compromising quality: enhancing bass resonance, volume and overall frequency response. With an expandable, audio boosting air chamber POW Mo pops up to go bigger and louder, and pops back down to go with you. All boom, no box.


Breakdancing with POW Mo portability.

The power of sound can get us in a groove, bring us together and fill any moment with good vibes. Better portable audio boosts our ability to sync up with friends, expand our reach and empower us all. United We Expand.

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POW Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker Universal Click Mount Click Wallet Click Case
Included with POW Mo
Adhesive Back
Fit iPhone X, Xs · iPhone Xʀ · iPhone Xs Max · iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus · iPhone 7, 8

POW MO Collapsible Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker (2-Pack) - 6+ Hour

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